Our Fleet

At Edinmore, we understand the importance of having a reliable fleet of vehicles and it is paramount that our fleet is fully road worthy, so that we can maintain our high service levels for our customers.

Our Fleet - getting us there when you need us

With customers across the country, our fleet is incredibly important. Reliable, well maintained vehicles make us more reliable for our customers. Plus, with everything from cars to LCVs, we need a wide range of vehicles to meet customer needs.

Efficient operations

All of our vehicles are fitted with tracker units. So, when we receive an emergency call-out, the nearest suitable member of staff can be with you as soon as possible. What's more, by deploying our fleet in the most efficient way, we save time and fuel getting where we need to be.

On large projects where there will be a number of staff required on site at the same time Edinmore have four fully equipped static welfare units that can be left on site providing the project team with a place to shelter, prepare and eat food and sanitary requirements. Edinmore also have a larger mobile Welfare Unit which can be utilised on large scale projects.

Investing in hybrid technology

We're committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. From hybrid cars to LCVs, we select the best in class for fuel efficiency and Co2 emissions. We've even installed charge points for our electric vehicles both at our premises and our employee's homes.

A professional image

Our vehicles are a reflection of our company. Our employees should arrive at your premises in a clean, well maintained vehicle. Every vehicle is fully liveried with our logo and contact information and maintained to manufacturer specifications. We renew our vehicles regularly to maintain our high service standards and our professional image.

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