Subsidence Damage

Subsidence is the motion of, usually, the Earth's surface as it shifts downward relative to a datum such as its original level. One of the most common results is movement of a buildings foundations causing cracks to appear in brickwork or render but in the worst cases collapse. The opposite of subsidence is uplift, which results in an increase in elevation. Ground subsidence is of concern to geologists, structural engineers and surveyors. Uplift can often result from ground heave due to ground frost during prolonged periods of low temperatures.

Edinmore Contracts Ltd are experienced in all aspects of the causes, emergency actions and remedial works to take your property back to its pre-damage condition.
We are sympathetic to the distress and worries you have during these times and are driven to provide you with an unrivalled level of customer care.
We will co-ordinate your works with our bespoke Quality Management systems based on ISO 9000 (2000) to your satisfaction.

Case Studies for Subsidence:

Subsidence Stonehaven
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